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Melanie Sherburne-Las Vegas, NV “I honestly don't know where to begin, because this has been one of the most AMAZING experiences ever. My husband and I hired Rochiel hoping to improve on certain areas of our life. Our main focuses were on our wealth/ career, health, and marital relationship. Rochiel gave us an incredibly thorough assessment of everything inside and outside the house, down to paint colors.

Rochiel is one of the most professional and knowledgeable people that I had ever worked with. I must have texted and emailed a million times, with all of my design questions, and I got a quick and detailed response every time. Rochiel seriously knows her job, is amazing at it, and will not disappoint you.  There have already been so many positive changes in our life, and I attribute it to the feng shui. If you are questioning hiring Rochiel, don't. Best decision ever. Working with her changed our lives and I could not be happier. I feel like everything is falling into place finally. Thank you Rochiel for all of your great advice and hard work!”

Michelle Johnson-Naturopathic Doctor Las Vegas, NV  "Rochiel has a detailed knowledge of Feng Shui concepts, and can work with all traditions in that field. She has an extensive research and educational background, and has provided excellent results for myself and others to whom I have referred her. I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to make changes in the energy of their personal home, or their business environment to support more success, happiness and fulfillment."

Carole Tessier-Founder of  Law of Attraction Stuff.com "There's a reason why I asked Rochiel to collaborate with me on my new venture. I believe that reason is evident to anyone who comes in contact with her. Rochiel is a professional who is a master of her craft, is passionate about her work and an inspired individual. Rochiel's an expert at effectively blending her prosperity-conscious Feng Shui practices with the law of attraction principles; thereby further encouraging manifestation. There is incredible value behind the panoply of services she provides and I look forward to a long-standing association with Rochiel and her special gifts!”   

Giovanna Godard-New York City, NY  "I am one of those testimonials that sound too good to be true. But it IS true, and I AM a real person. I am writing because I was so amazed at how dramatically and how quickly Rochiel's suggestions have shown results in my life. I have used Feng Shui in the past...but Rochiel is whom I feel is a "Master" in Feng Shui and should be taken seriously. It's like I won the "dream come true" lotto. Eternal Thanks Rochiel"    

Dr. Shaan Kumar-Las Vegas, NV “Quality, care, completeness, detail oriented, natural expertise, artistic and much more in ONE beautiful package called Rochiel Wallers. I moved from California a few years ago. When I spoke to Rochiel the first time I not only got confidence but I felt I’m talking to an expert who understands the Law of Energy and Ecosystem. If you believe in Law of Attraction, the first thing you should attract is good people in your life. Rochiel is the person you must know. She's not only a Feng Shui expert but is capable of designing no matter what the budget is. She works for her passion, which is the art and science of helping others live happily. I totally believe in the energy system and the flow of energy in your life. We need to connect and sync with the Universe in order to live a life with joy, wealth and abundance. I’m positive Rochiel can help you achieve your dream by bringing all the natural elements that supports your thoughts and actions cause it worked and still works for me. In a nutshell, she's an "Energy Doctor" who can make your life colorful no matter what it is - career, family, health and wealth areas.”

Liz Zamora-Las Vegas, NV “Rochiel is an expert as well as a caring person. She is well aware of how important the flow of energy is and will share that with you.  It has been such a great experience working with her. Rochiel has been helping me create an environment of well-balanced energy. Having communication with her has never been an issue. Even while Rochiel was out of the country she went above and beyond to make sure we could communicate. Thankfully she did because she was able to assist me and answered all my questions even though she was out of the country. Not only will you learn a lot from Rochiel but she will also offer you great advice to help you with your goals. Rochiel's reports are very detailed with easy instructions to follow. Everything is explained very well on what colors, phrases, and objects to use. As well as their meaning, cause and effect on energy. Thanks to her experience and knowledge I have seen and felt the difference based on changes that I have made. It is amazing to see and feel the difference when you create positive energy. Making even a small change goes a long way. I am very thankful to have met and to be able to work with Rochiel.”

Carol Ann Bowman-Las Vegas, NV  "Rochiel is the best! She is very professional, personble, thorough, and accurate. She works at a level of high integrity and gets great results! She was what I needed in a bad time and what a joy to work with her. She makes getting your life and home in order easy and fun. I cannot say enough good things on my results. Thanks Rochiel!"

Jacque Pratt-Las Vegas, NV  "Early this year I felt my life was in chaos. I was uncomfortable about my home, business, and family relationships. I knew I needed some help and guidance to get back on track with things. I have known about Feng Shui and believed in it. When I heard about Rochiel I knew I had to call her. My consultation with her was amazing! I was so impressed with her ability to sight things instantly and her questions kept me thinking long after she left. Once I began implementing only a few things she recommended, I could not believe the positive difference. I have been so inspired by the personalized home Bagua she prepared for me and constantly refer to it. The elemental evaluation was extremely insightful and opened my eyes to many things about myself I kept denying.  I continue to refer to my personalized report regularly, which helps me stay focused on my goals. My home has become more peaceful and the chaos I was feeling is gone. My business has picked up and my family issues don’t seem to be as intense. I believe having engaged in this project has increased my confidence and I finally have the direction I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Feng Shui-Design Solutions to anyone. Many thanks Rochiel!"  

JK - Las Vegas, NV “Rochiel Wallers is wonderful, worth every penny and more!!! She’s actually worth more because of the energy and drive she gives you. Excellent ‘client care’ and lovely person to do business with. I feel like I’ve had a fire lit underneath me.

I am married to a ‘typical’ guy who would ‘not’ be interested in Feng Shui in a million years. On a personal level, I was in a big funk (which had gone on for far too long) and really needed something – I had dabbled with Feng Shui and knew some basics (actually I came to see just how ‘little’ I did know). I decided on Rochiel after searching online for local Feng Shui experts – from the outset of our communication, I found her delightful to deal with. At the consultation, she was very thorough. She starts off by asking you some questions and you have a general chat to ascertain what you want out of this. She then walked through and made a lot of recommendations right then and there during this visit. I had the opportunity at the end to takes notes. Then after that, she sends her report – this only took a few days and was very thorough. Added to this, Rochiel sent via text and email, pictures of artwork that would work in my home and many other helpful suggestions. She’s also been very diligent in following up with all my further questions. It’s now been a few weeks since the consult. First of all, when I told my hubby about this, he rolled his eyes but quickly got on board. I could not believe he would agree to move the tv out of the master bedroom but he did! And many other suggestions that Rochiel made, he was on board with. The biggest thing for me was changing out the color scheme of my home (especially the living area). I had coordinated ‘everything’ and I mean everything. The color scheme looked like a very nice hotel with I guess but no life, no energy. It just looked good but lacked oomph and personality. On making the changes – mostly color and artwork and moving the bedroom furniture around –the changes have been pretty impressive to say the least. I ‘feel’ so much better, brighter, and happier. I think so does my hubby though he doesn’t say as much. I definitely feel that we are both happier – something to do with the energy and brightness of the place now. A big thing for me was to get my career back into gear and whilst I have not yet landed my ideal job, I did get a private gig out of nowhere (that one blew me away) – the money is okay but the friendship I made out of that has been very rewarding. I’m taking steps to forge ahead with my career, which has been in the doldrums for quite some time – I feel very positive that things are going to work out really well. Another thing (which probably sounds a bit silly to some) – we have an exuberant young dog who still has to be in her crate at night – she’s a rescue pup and loves to chew and play and be naughty! Well, after Rochiel’s visit and again, at her suggestion, we moved her crate to another room and I started leaving her in the room (rather than in the crate). She now sleeps on her bed, in that room, with the door open and it just pleases me no end that she doesn’t have to be in her crate (she didn’t mind it – in fact, she liked sleeping in it) but I just feel happier with her having more space to roam about in. Oh, I couldn’t do this review without putting this one in. I have always wanted to do ballet. But I never did and always thought, the time is not right, I don’t have the money etc etc. Well, after the kick in the pants (a nice one) by Rochiel, I thought bugger it, and went for it. I had my first ballet lesson (1 on 1) last week and it was amazing, and I actually did pretty well. I’ve already booked my next lesson. I can’t tell you how good it feels to do something (or at least try it) that you’ve always wanted to do. I never thought I’d get to try ballet – and I love it – at age 50! I could go on and on – there are way too many things, which have happened, in a positive light and I cannot sing Rochiel’s praises highly enough. I highly recommend her services. I know I will be using her again in the future.

To anyone who has challenges, whether they be at home (with hubby and/or kids), with work issues, health or anything else, I do feel that Rochiel is a force for good (whilst at the same time being friendly and respectful). I hope this is of some help to others who may be on the fence. Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was my hubby being on board and actually liking the changes after the fact – that has been quite an eye opener for me!”

Lori Chaffin-nevadawellnessmagazine.com As the publisher of Hawaii and Nevada Wellness Directory I am familiar with Feng Shui but never tried using this in my personal life. I met Rochiel and was impressed by the extensive analysis report that she put together for me after my home consultation with her.  She made everything very easy to understand during our session and I was able to make changes that day that brought results. Since I am in a small condo that includes a home office it is important for my space to flow properly and feel centered. In implementing the design changes I now feel more organized and productive in my personal and professional life." 

Jennifer Joseph-Public Speaker/ Entrepreneur Las Vegas, NV "Rochiel did a feng shui consultation for me within a new living environment that I had wished to seek more harmony and success from. I made changes THAT day which were instantly able to make the house feel more supportive!!! It was a nice space before, but is now even more peaceful and motivating. I'm SOOOO excited about bringing in even more new and wonderful opportunities as I complete more of the recommended changes!" 

Rory and Je'Nai S.-Las Vegas,NV  "I had idea about Feng-Shui and its purposes, but I never thought how much of an impact it really gives you. At the time we met Rochiel, my husband and I had just moved back to Las Vegas and we were having a little bit of "cloudiness" that was in our lives and the direction we wanted to go with our careers. Since we implemented all the changes in our home, I have begun writing again, my husband is starting a new business venture and our family is the closest it’s ever been. I can't thank you enough Rochiel!! We will definitely see you again when we move! "

Clark Marcy-Las Vegas, NV  "When it comes to colors, I have a hard time judging what's going to look right.  My house has a lot of different walls and angles to it, and I wanted to take advantage of that.  Knowing that it was going to take lots of paint and lots of time, it needed to look right on the first attempt.  Rochiel came over and very easily hit the nail on the head recommending colors for my walls and where to place them.  I get many compliments on the colors, and often times get asked for the paint codes so it can be duplicated.  Rochiel will be getting my business again someday when I get another house or want to redecorate the one I am in now.  Rochiel your help was much appreciated!"

Kara Sanft-Therapist Las Vegas, NV  "Working with Rochiel was an absolute pleasure. She is professional and passionate about her work. Both my husband and I were impressed by her dedication to detail and felt that she was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond for both our home and office consults, taking ample time with us and making herself available for questions and suggestions long after our initial consult was finished. I wouldn't think of recommending anyone else. Rochiel is all around, simply the best."     

Peter Argyris-Business Entrepreneur Las Vegas, NV  "Three years ago, my life was in disarray; I needed a life changing event. I was going through divorce and my business was going down hill financially. I met Rochiel Wallers and learned with in weeks how Feng Shui could benefit and improve my quality of life. After my Feng Shui consultation with Rochiel, my business took a turn for the best - I sold some problematic real estate to buy more profitable properties - a change I was never ready to make because of fears and uncertainty. My divorce was not going well; I was able to get my focus and get the situation under control and within 90 days the divorce was 100% completed." 

Susan Ouimet-Flight Attendant Las Vegas, NV "Rochiel has just has an amazing skill level and sense of color and design. As an interior decorator, she had the most beautiful design ideas and solutions for my budget and personal style. I was particularly impressed with the amount of time she devoted to my consultation. Rochiel provided an in-depth personalized report on my home which I have been able to refer to again and again. I was able to call on her expert advice on possible color alternatives and home decorations before I purchased them. The depth of her customer service was outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate to again have her over for another consultation. Best money I ever spent. Thank you Rochiel!"

Brian Wehner-Business Executive "Rochiel Wallers is inspirational! She took great care in ensuring that her recommendations and insight reflected my needs and desires. Rochiel's knowledge of feng-shui principles and practice is exceptional. Her consultation positively impacted my quality of life!"

John and Candi C.-Business Owner/Realtor "My wife and I were looking for someone to evaluate our home prior to move in. After visiting the website we decided to contact Feng Shui-Design Solutions. We had no idea what to expect since we are both new to this. We met with Rochiel and were pleased to find her both professional and personable. The evaluation was thorough and her recommendations were practical and easy to implement. Within a week we began to see positive results. Most notably was the improvement of a health condition with our pet. Thanks to Rochiel we're confident that we are correctly practicing Feng-Shui and would recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about it."

Stephanee Zibert-Interior Decorator Las Vegas, NV "It was truly amazing how accurate the holistic elemental report analysis results were. Finding out the details of my specific elemental nature and needs helped me to make changes where I felt I needed improvements. Rochiel suggested making changes first in my bedroom to help with stability and security in my life and yes it helped immediately. Thank you so much Rochiel!"

Sam Glaze Las Vegas, NV "Rochiel helped to put our ideas, goals and tasks together for the greater good of all. Together, our home has now become a reflection of our lives, dreams and inspirations. The common areas reflect a welcoming atmosphere for those who visit. There are also spaces within our home now, that reflect individual needs and personalities. Thanks Rochiel!"

Nadine Seriani-Real Estate Agent Las Vegas, NV "Since implementing the recommendations Rochiel suggested at my personalized Feng Shui consultation, I have witnessed great positive changes in many of the areas that needed attention and change in my life. I strongly believe that more positive changes will keep coming my way in the other areas of my life at different times.Thanks a million Rochiel! "

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